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As a community member with AAChats, you are part of a large and diverse community filled with people who are dealing with problems related to alcohol. Like most communities, whether online or in the physical world, AAChats has some basic ground rules to keep the environment safe and encouraging for everyone who wants to stop drinking.

Insulting, condescending, or abusive words will not be tolerated. Do not harass others. Polite debate is welcome as long as you are discussing the ideas, not attacking the person. Content that violates these guidelines or Discord’s Terms of Service is not permitted. Do not post inappropriate (e.g., pornographic or obscene) content.

Do not perform any advertising or promotion of any kind. Do not spam public channels or users with repetitive content. Do not solicit, offer, or accept financial or material support. Do not post any identifying photos, screenshots, or videos (or links to them) in a public channel (exception: your profile pic can be a “safe-for-work” picture of you).

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This includes talking about medication or supplement names, dosage amounts (even if they are legal, nutritional, or over-the-counter items). This helps avoid disruptive debating and/or possible unintended provocation of other members. Do not use excessive profanity Messages that violate these guidelines will be deleted by a moderator. The AAChats community is for people who have a problem with alcohol and want to stop drinking.

To protect you, messages involving self-harm or harm to others are removed immediately. Members must have a desire to stop drinking. Family members and friends of alcoholics are prohibited from joining, unless they have a problem with alcohol and desire to stop their own drinking. Advertising or promotion of any kind is prohibited.

Trolling of any kind is prohibited. Trolling is defined as disrupting normal, on-topic discussion by posting inflammatory, shocking, or off-topic messages with the intent of provoking readers into a strong emotional response. Members who are still currently drinking are welcome to join, but please refrain from participating while you are impaired.

Feel free to read along, but please do not send any messages until you are sober. Do not post messages describing the act of drinking or using. Members who repeatedly break these rules may be removed from the community. Remember that AAChats is an online, global forum with members from many different cultures and backgrounds who at various stages of recovery.

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Be kind, thoughtful, and open-minded when discussing race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or controversial topics since others likely have differing perspectives Be careful when you use humor and sarcasm as these messages are easy to misinterpret. Make sure you’re understood, even by non-native English speakers. Be civil. If you disagree, explain your position with respect and refrain from any and all personal attacks.

Avoid giving out instructions on what others SHOULD do – even if other members ask. Instead share your own experience, strength, and hope based on your life experiences. Have tolerance for people in various stages and styles of recovery. Be mindful that “Tough Love” can come across differently than you intended in an online community.

Avoid gossip. Ignore violators and report them immediately. Whenever people attend events in the physical world, they adhere to a group of rules and laws that come from the local venue as well as from local, state, and federal law. For instance, the venue may have a rule that prevents smoking indoors or disallows pets from coming inside the building.

These rules and laws also apply to the members of Alcoholics Anonymous when they gather together at meetings and events in the physical world. Although the only requirement for being a member in AA is a desire to stop drinking, AA also maintains respect for the rules and laws of the surrounding environment.

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Since AAChats meets using the Discord chat platform, the meeting space is bound by Discord’s Terms of Service. In addition, due to the nature of online communities, this venue sets forth a basic Code of Conduct that helps users participate safely.

Chatting with strangers online is easy. There are lots of instant chat rooms and apps that are fully dedicated to letting users remain anonymous while facilitating chats between people all over the world. Anonymous chat sites are all different. Some make you pick a username and gender, others just a gender, some a birth date, and a few are completely void of all questions for true anonymity.

This is about as anonymous as you can get. This chat room site is super simple: just cycle through random people and start chatting with any of them. No username, email, gender, or anything else is required, but you can pick a gender and name if you want. You can send text and pictures.

Moments later, you can chat with any of the users. Filtering lets you find only the males or females to chat with. Type a username and hit to be matched with someone else online. It’s built for one-on-one anonymous chats and supports images. There’s an app for Android (here) and iOS (here).

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Android users can use the app, too. Anonymous chat rooms for 18+, several rooms to pick from (and you can create your own), requires a gender and random username. Mobile apps are available here. This anonymous chat site is for two-person text chatting. No images or videos are allowed. Neither a username nor a gender is necessary.

Lots of anonymous chat rooms where all you have to enter is a username. Get a college chat room, adult chat room, singles chat room, or one for dating, general chat, teens, kids, girls, video, music, boys, and lots more. No username or gender required; just start typing in this anonymous chat room.

Text only; no images, videos, or other files. Enter a username to get started using this anonymous chat room site. There are several rooms here for teens, “happy chat,” sex, LGBTQ+, depression, 21+, and other topics. Jump from person to person until you land on someone you want to chat with.

You can send voice notes and pictures. Get a list of all the online users (there are normally thousands) and send private messages to any of them. Specify a username, gender, and location to get into this anonymous chat room. It lets you search for users by username, gender, and country.

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Pick a nickname, age, gender, and country to get into this anonymous chat room. There’s only one room to pick from but there are often several hundred people here, identifiable by age and gender. You can send pictures and text chats. This chat room is available as an Android app, too.

This website is dedicated to depression and anxiety peer support. The main forms of communication we offer are via our supportive Depression Chat Rooms, Depression Forums and our Depression Blog section.Whilst our primary objective is to connect people that have issues regarding depression and anxiety, we also warmly welcome others that may have health issues that are related to depression and anxiety.

In addition to this, we also actively encourage those that live with, or care for someone with depression and/or anxiety to partake in this community in order that they learn more about these health concerns.This website is independent, non profit making and is free for all to use. We would however like to express our gratitude to for the kind use of some of their resources.

This is primarily to aid the cause of mutual depression support throughout the Internet. Depression Chat Rooms will continue to bring you the safest and most responsible websites concerning depression and anxiety. Depression Chat Rooms Enter Friendly and moderated depression chat rooms for peer support. Depression Forums Enter Depression message board to post and share experiences.

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Depression Gallery Enter Community gallery to share photographs and other forms of media. Copyright © 2007-2020 Depression Chat Rooms. All rights reserved.

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Start Chatting Already [No Registration Required] Enter The Chat This will take you to the chat room you are looking for What do we really mean by anonymous chat? By anonymous chat we suggest that none of the users know who they are chatting with. The only thing the users know about is the texts they are exchanging.

The end user sees you as a specified name “Anonymous”. The name is for all those users who are engaged in anonymous random chat. Random chat connects users randomly on basis of their interests or even completely randomly when you have not provided any interests. What happens during the anonymous chat? To make your chat completely anonymous no logs of the conversation are stored with us.

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What should you do if you wish to keep a friend? To add someone and reveal your username, click on the add friend button. The add friend button will send another user a invite to your profile. Please know that the invite doesn’t reveal anything except your username and the profile pic you have set.

There will be no chat logs available to re-read. Make sure you do not share your personally identifiable information to strangers in random chat. Posted on October 18, 2019October 19, 2019Author yesibloggerCategories Uncategorized .

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Random Stranger Chats was created with the intention of fostering shared culture. If you are interested in Irish stranger chat, this is the place for you! There are no hidden costs involved. Also, there is no need to provide any information about yourself. Random Stranger Chat with Irishs has never been this easy.

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Fostering relationships with Irish males and females. Anonymously chatting with Irishs online. Free chat websites online, also known as chatrooms, are a great way to connect with new people without the fear of embarrassment. The advantage is that this whole process happens anonymously. You can hold great conversations with random people when you are bored.

Chatting with strangers without pressure can help relieve social anxiety and enhance your social skills. You can expand your social network. You can chat while commuting or during lengthy waiting times at the Doctor’s or other public places. Share a meaningful conversation with strangers and gain new insight. You do not have to worry about people not being responsive because everybody in the chatroom is there for a good chat.

Nobody can let out your secrets because no one knows who you are! Chatting with strangers (while observing necessary caution) can improve your general health and increase your happiness. On randomstrangerchats.com, you can ask questions, resolve some doubts for others and discuss anything and everything under the sun. So much fun awaits you! There are innumerable possibilities when you chat with the people of a specific country.

By indulging in some Irish stranger chat, you unlock the treasure trove of knowledge from the country. Chess was invented in India; you can learn the tactics of playing chess from someone who shares the same interest. Irishs are incredibly intelligent; Algebra and Calculus originated from this country and India exports software to 90 countries.