My First Cam Chat Experience

My First Cam Chat Experience

Firing up her web cam and entering a room, she soon found several men that were literally begging to see her hot body. Those big, soft tits and round sexy ass, coupled with a mouth made for cock sucking, made her almost too good to be true. Within minutes of being in the room she had several men watching her play with herself while they threw suggestions and comments at her.

“Play with your tits more”

“Let me see you shove that dildo up your pussy”

“Can you lick your nipples for us Dana?”

True, it was all stuff she had heard before but a women never gets tired of hearing how men are getting off looking at her. She kept working the room with her cam as this all was such a turn on for her.

In fact, she got so into it she didn’t even notice that the door to her apartment was not locked. She had come home from a long day and literally raced into the shower to wash the day off her. The warm water felt so nice cascading down her naked body that she lost herself in it all. Warm, wet sensations dancing down over her tits, drifting over her soft pink nipples, then down her stomach to her warm and inviting pussy. Once that shower was done she was so heated up she fired up her computer and started looking for men to play with online, without realizing she didn’t take the time to lock her apartment door when she first came home.

That is when the two strangers walked in. They slowly opened the door and at first, just stood there watching her as she was on the net. Sitting there in her chair, legs spread, naked, and working herself over, it literally gave them instant erections that they knew they were going to make her take care of.

Slowly they moved towards her being careful not to make a sound. Coming around in back of her they quickly shut her computer off and each grabbed an arm.

“What the fuck?” Dana said startled. “Who the fuck are you and what the fuck are you doing in my apartment?”

“Easy baby” the first one said. “We noticed you left the door open and were watching you. Watching you work that cunt got us both horny and we need someone to take care of us, and you are that someone.”

The thought of being used by two men was exciting enough to Dana, but then the other one jumped in and added:

“Yeah and the way we see it, you have an audience that can watch too, right there in that chat room.”

Dana pussy got wetter as these two spoke. How exciting could it be to not only be used by two strangers as a little fuck slut, but to also have countless men in a chat room watching. She was already horny as hell and knew that yes, she could get off if she was in the chat room, but would much rather have a real cock, or better yet, TWO!

The two men moved around her, one in front and one in back. They undressed themselves and soon the two men and Dana were totally naked together. Immediately her eyes went to their large yet “manageable” cocks and she couldn’t wait to see what they were going to do.

“Turn that computer on and lets give the people in that room a show bitch” the one said. Dana complied, her heart racing faster and faster as her system booted up. Soon, she was in the room and back on her cam.

Within seconds the room erupted with “Hey where did you go Dana?” She told the room that she had visitors and that this was going to be the room’s lucky night. With that the man in front of her moved closer and pushed his cock into Dana’s face. “Suck it bitch” he demanded and she quickly complied. Moving back and forth over that large cock made her pussy sweat with anticipation. Not only was she sucking this total stranger’s cock, but a room full of people were watching it all unfold on cam and she knew there was one more cock yet to join the party.

To make this “event” easier the other man turned her speakers on and activated voice conference so the room could hear what was going on and Dana and her two strangers could hear the room’s comments as well.

As Dana worked on the cock in her mouth she felt the other man move in behind her. He spread and slapped her ass telling her he was going to give her pussy a good workout. Then he told her to stop sucking long enough to speak into the mic and tell the room she was a total slut and wanted to be used for the rooms pleasure.

“I am a total fucking slut and want to be used for your pleasure” she stated, adding “use my pussy and mouth and make me your fuck slut.”

The room was in amazement as they were watching Dana getting used. She heard the comments and that only made her want to be used more and more:

“Goddamn can she suck a cock like a whore” “Fuck I would pay her to use her like that” “What a fucking slut this bitch is”

The comments just kept coming and it made her hotter and hotter. Her mouth was working over the cock but she wanted the other man in her cunt. She wanted him to use her pussy and fuck her like a bitch in heat.

Almost as if the other man felt it, out of no where her entered her pussy with one long thrust. Dana let out a loud “FUCK” as his cock buried itself into her pussy. His hands went to her round hips and he began fucking her as if that’s all she was, a pussy for his cock to use.

“Take it bitch” he shouted. “Take my cock like the whore you are. Make that pussy swallow it up.”

Dana’s head was spinning. A cock in her pussy and mouth, hands all over her, and the sounds and comments of the room started to become almost too much. She could hear men jerking off as they watched her getting used. The two men that were fucking her were talking to her as if all she was, was a fuck toy and nothing else. The more she felt and heard, the more she wanted.

“You like being used like this don’t you bitch” the one man said. “Fuck yes, use me” Dana replied. “Use my cunt, mouth, tits, everything.” “Fuck just use me”

The two men began to really go at Dana. The one in her mouth started ramming his cock into her throat while holding her hair and the other was pounding her pussy and slapping her ass at the same time. They were working in rhythm so that when the one in her pussy gave a hard thrust he would push Dana forward over the cock in her mouth. It was so good that it made her pussy wetter and wetter.

The room was now anxious to see Dana take a cum shot and they began to let her know it.

“Shoot a load on her face man”

“Cum on her face, she is a cumslut”

The man in her mouth quickly complied. Dana could feel he was close as his cock was throbbing and throbbing and she could feel it pulsating. With a groan he pulled his cock out and jerked it off over her face. Cum shot over her face and into her hair as he pulled on his cock and drained in on her.

When he was done he began to wipe his cock around her face and told Dana to tell him she loved it, which she did instantly. It was the truth, being used like this and having someone cum on her face as if as she was a $20.00 whore made her so hot she thought she would explode.

As soon as the one in her mouth finished, the one behind began to pick up speed. He pushed harder and harder into her and the slaps on her ass got more and more frequent and with more intensity. The sting felt great against the pleasure of his cock.

With a final push he pulled out and squeezes her ass cheeks around his cock as if they were her tits, and shot his load up over her ass and onto her back. It was hot as it landed on her and she could feel the thick heavy load shooting on her.

Dana thought that would be the end as they were both done, but they wanted the room to have one final show. They wanted her to cum on cam, and the room wanted it too.

The two men positioned her in her chair and pointed the cam at her. The room was now screaming to see her get off after being used like a tramp. She could hear men trying to hold off their orgasms, telling her to work her cunt, and literally begging her to cum.

Dana worked her pussy with her vibrator she had nearby. While she worked that swollen clit one of the men took her lipstick that was nearby and wrote the word “slut” across her cheek. The other took his lead and wrote “whore” across her tits as she worked herself towards orgasm.

She could feel the waves starting within her, building and building from that place deep within her pussy. She knew she was going to cum soon and wanted to so bad. The room was almost chanting for it now and the sounds of it, the words written on her with her own lipstick, and how she was just used was making her hotter than she had ever been.

The two men got close to her ears and started talking to her.

“Cum for them slut, let them see how a real slut cums”

“Work that pussy that I just used bitch and make it cum for us”

That was enough to send Dana into orbit. The first wave hit her like a fist in her pussy and she came like a rocket. It hit her hard and as it subsided, the second wave hit. It rolled over her and the release was amazing. All the thoughts and images of her being used in front of the chat room on cam filled her head as wave after waved washed over her body.

As she came she could hear men in the room doing the same. It was so hot knowing she had been used for their enjoyment and now they were cumming for her as well. That watching her being used and getting off was too much for them to bear. She thought about all the cum that she was drawing out. The idea of it all over the men’s hands, on their stomach’s, their groans and moans of ecstasy. Fuck she was such a slut and was loving every second of it.

She told the room the show was over and she would be leaving now. While most were bummed as they still wanted more, most simply thanked her for the show. As she switched the cam off she looked at the two strangers and said “can we do this again next week?”

With a smile they said, “hell baby, tomorrow night :)”
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